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For questions, corrections, help, or to change your membership status, feel free to contact members of our executive board. If they don't have the answer they will try to find out. We are volunteers, so please be patient. Listed below are the current officers. Those whose names are highlighted in color may be contacted through this site. Just click on the highlighted name.


Bev Reinhold, President, (Term Ends June 2022)
Cheryl Stines, Vice President (Term ends June 2022)
Cory Russell, Sec/Treas (Term ends June 2022)

Marty Gunderson (Term ends June 2020)
Bear Bryant (Term ends June 2020)
Travis Ruby (Term ends June 2022)

    Standards and Ethics: Terry Ball ( Chair)
    Audit Committee: Ted Pulver
    Membership & Grievance: Randy Ruegsegger
        Washington DOC - Rick Minnich
        Washington State Legislature - Marty Gunderson


Cory Russell, NPEA Sec/Treas

c/o Ada County Sheriff's Office

7200 Barrister Dr.

Boise, ID 83704

SITE ADMINISTRATOR: For issues regarding this site contact Cory Russell.

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